Food Makeover: 5 Foods You Must Never Eat

5 Foods You Must Never EatHere at Trim Down Belly Fat, we don’t believe in “dieting.”  Our motto is: Eat the good stuff first, and you won’t have much room for the “not so good” stuff.

I know, I know. Not the most profound.

But seriously.  If you focus on the food triangle, apply proportion control (as opposed to portion control), and practice good eating habits such as eating slowly so that your body has time to digest and decide whether it is full or not, then you should be able to eat most things without any guilt or risk of overeating.

Still, there are some foods that really should cut be down or cut out completely from our diet.  Yes, because they don’t help us lose weight, but because some of these foods have been linked to causing other serious health effects too.

When researching this topic, we found quite a handful of foods to avoid when losing weight. But for this purpose, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 based on:

  • what will make the most impact at reducing your waistline
  • won’t cause you too much stress to have to give up, and
  • whether there was a healthier (and just as tasty) alternative

So here it is. Our list of top 5 foods you should never eat

1) White Bread

Not only does this heavily processed food have no nutritional value, it also contains bad Foods to avoid when losing weightcarbs and a lot of sugar.  Sure, bread fills you up quickly, but because it is devoid of nutrients, it doesn’t keep you satisfied for very long and you end up hungry after only a few hours.  Be careful of “wheat” bread as well, since these tend to contain more sugar than grain.

Alternative: Try wholegrain or whole wheat bread. It tastes better and carries a good amount of fiber, keeping you full longer.

Even better: Substitute bread to wholegrain pita bread or tortilla wraps.

2) “Non-Fat” or “Fat-Free” Dairy Products

The problem with non-fat dairy products is that they have been highly processed to Foods to avoid when losing weightremove all the fat, but replaced with other ingredients with just as much calories – such as sugar, flour, and salt – to make up for an otherwise tasteless concoction.  Because fat is calorie-dense, it helps you to feel full.  By removing the fat, you end up eating more of the stuff, but now packed with high calories. Double-whammy.

Alternative: Switch to “Low-Fat” or “reduced-fat” options which still carry at least 2% of fat.  A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition has even shown that whole-milk dairy products was associated with reduced body fat.

Even better: Cut out as much processed food (dairy or otherwise) from your diet and replace with natural or organic products.  And remember, you still need good fats to eat, so be sure to include in your diet.

3) Soft Drinks, soda or concentrated fruit juicesFoods to avoid when losing weight

We all know how unhealthy soft drinks are, and even worst, drinks from the soda fountain. But did you know that fruit juices can carry just as much, if not more, calorie-laden sugar? Not to mention the fact that all the goodness you would normally get from the fruit – including the fiber needed to regulate the blood sugar spike – has been removed.  By the way, this is the simplest way to lose weight quickly.  Cutting out on your daily soda could shave off about 15 pounds in a year!

Alternative: Switch to diet, sugar-free, or calorie-free soda. If you need the fizz, try carbonated, flavored water instead. With fruit juice, dilute with water so you’re not drinking as much of it.

Even better: Make water your number one go-to every day drink and save all other beverages (including alcohol) for a special occasion or treat only.

4) Processed Soy

Foods to avoid when losing weightWe put this on the list because soy products are pushed by the food industry as “healthy.”  Yes, soy in its purest form has many health benefits which is why they became popular in the first place.  Unfortunately, not all soy products are created equal and products such as such as soymilk, soy cheese, soy burgers and soy ice cream have all been heavily processed. This means all the nutrients have been stripped away removing all the benefits. To make matters worse, 91% of soy grown in the United States have been genetically modified and is contaminated with potent toxic herbicide, increasing risk for serious health problems such as breast cancer, brain damage, hormone imbalance and infertility in women.

Alternative: Whole soy foods such as tofu and edamame are your best bet.  Fermented soy such as tempeh, miso, and natto are also great additions to your dishes.

Even better:  Switch back to its original counterpart. For example, replace soy burgers with a lean meat burger or mushroom burger. Replace soy energy bars with trail mix or homemade granola bars.  Replace soy dairy products with the moo options.  And as for those Frankensoy wieners?  Yikes!  The hot dog alternative is not any better.  Best to eliminate both altogether.

5) Frozen Meals

Foods to avoid when losing weightWhile the convenience of having something already portioned out might seem appealing, the portions are often too small, loaded with salt and not satisfying enough.  In addition, most frozen meals are heavy on processed carbs, which do not fit in with our healthy diet proportioning.

Alternative: Keep a short list on your fridge of quick go-to 15-minute meals that you can prepare in a jiffy when pressed for time. Make sure to keep your fridge/freezer/pantry stocked with the staples.  For example, frozen veggies and frozen chicken breast or prawns can be quickly stir-fried in about 10 minutes.  Serve with 1-minute brown rice for a super-fast meal.

Even better: Create your own frozen meal by freezing leftovers in single serve portions.

When it comes to cutting out food that we love and have consumed pretty much all our lives, the best way to go about it is to go slow.  That’s why, instead of bombarding you with a laundry list of taboo foods, we’ve kept it to only 5 foods you should never eat.  Not too bad, right?  But even if you eliminate just three, it will still make a huge impact on achieving your weight loss goals.


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