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How to lose stubborn belly fat, lose the belly fat nowOne of the most common questions we get from women is how to lose stubborn belly fat.  It seems like no matter what we do or how hard we work, it is nearly impossible to lose that stubborn area around the belly.

  • Belly fat is often the last to remain during a weight loss program or a diet plan
  • No matter how much exercise or intense ab workouts we do, we only end up with tighter abs (yay!), but it doesn’t get rid of the fat, especially that lower belly area for women
  • It is usually the first part of our body to bloat up and gain fat, even if we’re not necessarily putting on excessive weight
  • Even skinny people, or people not overweight get that belly fat – and face the same problem of trying to get rid of it

The truth is, the excess fat that settles just under our belly is more than just trying to fit into that cute little black dress or getting ready for summer bikinis. Excess belly fat has also been linked to more serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, dementia and some cancer.  So getting rid of it is not just a weight loss issue. It’s a real health issue.

But in order to get rid of it, we need to understand how it got there in the first place.

Because of decades of misconception, our attempts to reduce this excess belly has been through numerous crash diets or even starvation, painful abs exercises, and punishing sessions at the gym. In fact, this has been our method for losing weight in general. And as most of us know, the reward is only temporary. No sooner do we take a break from the routine or “fall of the wagon” with our diet, then the pounds come back on, even worst than before.

To compensate for our guilt, we punish ourselves even more with yet another, more restrictive diet, and a more intensive workout.  We are determined to make it up to ourselves while others get discouraged and just give up trying.  And the cycle continues.  Unfortunately, we’re doomed to continue to fail unless we

Stop treating the symptoms and start treating the root cause

Sure the midnight binges, super-sized meals, and enjoying the cocktails a little too much doesn’t help our cause.  But more and more studies attribute the population’s obesity problems to our hormones.

Hormones and weight gain in women

If your hormones were working at the optimal level, your body should be able to handle your favorite food instead of turning it into globules of fat storage.  And regular activities should be sufficient to burn the calories you’ve ingested, without have to push yourself beyond the limits to burn more.

But, due to our current hectic lifestyle and diet, our hormones have gotten so out-of-whack, that instead of doing the job they were meant to do, they’ve actually started working against us.  One of the many repercussions being weight gain, and in extreme cases obesity and even chronic disease.

So for starters, you can drop the guilt for now. You were most likely fighting a losing battle anyway because of those darn hormones.

And you have hundreds of them controlling different aspects of your body – sleep hormones, happy hormones, sad hormones, hunger hormones, feeling full hormones, cranky hormones, and the monthly super-cranky hormones (haha – made that one up), etc.

Where do you even begin?

Well, right in the middle of it all, is a hormone we refer to as belly fat’s BFF — CORTISOL

When cortisol is good, it’s very very good.
But when it’s bad (and out of sync), it’s horrid.

Cortisol levels that are out of sync negatively impacts all the other hormones, including those important fat burning ones such as leptin, adiponectin and ghrelin. To make matters worse, when our body is under continuous stress, cortisol is the culprit that gives the signal to store fat. And guess where it stores it?  Yep – in our belly area.

But it’s not as complicated as it sounds, and Trim Down Belly is here to break it all down for you. In fact, the solution on how to lose stubborn belly fat and manage your hormones is so simple, it might surprise you and even turn some of you off because it’s just too easy to be true.

Here it is – the 5 Pillars of Success

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These are based on facts and opinions from decades of scientific research and recommendations from the medical field such as doctors, practitioners and universities, whose unbiased purpose is to get us fit and healthy – NOT from some corporation who just wants to sell diet pills and supplements and fitness programs.

This is not about going on another diet, or starting an exercise program or some fitness routine you have to fit into your already full schedule.

If you are going to have any chance at all at succeeding with getting a handle of those love handles (pardon the pun), you need to stop treating the symptoms and get to the root of the problem instead. That is, manage those hormones. And to do that, simply follow along with these 5 Pillars to guide you:

1) Sleep More
2) Eat More
3) Stress Less
4) Exercise
5) Socialize
So, if you’re ready to get started, go ahead to Step 1


All the very best,
The Trim Down Belly Fat Team



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