Step 2: Eat More

Belly Fat ImagesIt’s official. Dieting and starving yourself to lose weight doesn’t work!

“Really, Einstein? I could have told you that 20 diets ago!”

I know I’m making light of the matter, but the truth is, there are still countless diets and weight loss programs out there that insist on restricting calories, cutting out our favorite food, or worse, skipping meals, in order to lose weight.

FACT: Your body NEEDS food not only to survive, but to function in your daily life.


You need food for energy to complete your tasks. You need food to replace the energy you used up completing those tasks. And you need food to give your body the nutrients and minerals it needs to make hormones, build bones, regulate your heart beat, boost your immune system, and support the various internal functions of your body.

So when it comes to weight loss, restrictive dieting or cutting out food is the absolute worst thing you can do for your body and immediately sets you up for failure.

Sure you may find that you lose weight initially by limiting your calorie intake, but this is simply not sustainable in the long term.  Once your body starts losing the calories it needs to function, it goes into “panic” mode – translated “fat-storing” mode. Your confused leptin and ghrelin hormones are now out of balance, and this leads to increased appetite and overeating.

Another anomaly that happens, according to cardiologist and Columbia University Professor, Dr. Mehment Oz, is that your body perceives that food is scarce, so it initiates changes that lower your need for calories. When in this “starvation” mode, your body stores every ounce of fat you have and instead, burns off muscle for immediate energy. The more muscle you lose, the slower your fat-burning metabolism, and the more you may feel tired. You then reach for the high sugary foods to give you a boost of energy, which turns to more fat…and the cycle continues.

The fat that you were trying to get rid of by dieting in the first place…you end up actually storing more of it!


So if you want to know one secret on how to lose weight and how to lose stubborn belly fat?

Eat more!


But wait – before you rush off to eat everything under the sun, let me clarify.


EAT MORE good food that is good for you


What does this mean? It means that instead of cutting down on calories and causing your body to panic, you need to eat more foods that have the nutrients and minerals that your body needs to fight fat. And just like our recipe for SLEEP, you also need to establish a good eating routine and good eating habits which include adjusting your food ratio (not portions!) and timing of when you eat so that your body is maximizing what it is getting out of your food.

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. You’re not going to have to count and measure proportions of greens or how many ounces of steak you can have. All you have to do – to start – is follow these few simple guidelines:

  1. Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast. According to WebMD, in a study of a group of obese young women, those that started the day with a breakfast of eggs and a beef sausage patty (about 350 calories) felt fuller right away and snacked less on fatty, sugary food than the women who had cereal for breakfast
  2. EAT MORE fat burning food. Some foods have minerals or vitamins that raise metabolism and act as virtual fat burners. These include poultry, salmon, tuna, citrus fruits, apples, berries, oatmeal, vegetables and a variety of other whole foods. Check out this article on what foods to eat to lose belly fat to learn more.
  3. EAT MORE snacks in between meals. The key is to choose snacks that are high in protein or healthy fats to give you that extra boost and satisfy your cravings.
  4. DRINK MORE water. Water flushes out toxins, improves metabolism and keeps your fat burning at full capacity.
  5. Practice RATIO CONTROL, as opposed to portion control. All this means is using simple common sense by loading up on the good fat burning food. That way, when it comes time to eat your sweets or comfort food, you won’t really have much room and will end up consuming less of it.

What about cutting out on sugar, fat and all those other foods that are bad for you?

Yes, we will get there, but small steps. Remember, we want to get you into good eating habits first (positive), before we can wean you off all those “comfort” foods (negative) that you enjoy.  If dedicate yourself to following these five tips for 10 days, you will find your body start to naturally wean itself from most of those food anyway.

Besides, we’re not really going to ask you to give up anything.  We’ll simply make some minor adjustments to your favorite foods so you can continue to enjoy them guilt-free.


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